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  • "Bacchus"


    Frank Brangwyn (1867 – 1956) Bacchus. Oil on canvas. 38” x 44” including a stunning antique frame. Brangwyn was on the French/Spanish border during 1892.  He kept an artist’s diary that was published in the first edition of “The Studio” in 1893.  The original is hanging in Australia, but is of the same dimension.  Libby Horner, an art historian specializing in his work stated that this was one of Brangwyn’s favorite paintings, and it is possible he painted a second copy as a gift to the friend in the dedication on the front and verso.  The dedicated refers to Navarrete, a Basque country he was known to visit.  The dedication uses the colloquial phrase “egon”, meaning to ‘stay’, or stop time to stay in the moment.  The translated dedication reads: “To stay, to remember your friend in Navarrete”.

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