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We can gild a variety of surfaces, including exterior applications.  

We trade in the time-honored practices of traditional Karat gilding (12K & 14K white gold, 18K lemon gold, 22K-24K yellow gold). 'Water gilding' for frames and interior furnishings. 'Oil gilding' for exterior architectural detail. 'Gelatin gilding' for verre églomisé.


From ceilings, to moldings, to little touches here and there, gilding can add charm and reflective light to a space. In our showroom you can find many inspiring examples of what can be done in your home; We display a gilt staircase (done in aluminum leaf) gilt window moldings in 14 Karat and 23 Karat leaf, door moldings in 24 Karat leaf and even gilt window glass to turn your window into an antique mirror.



When done correctly, exterior gilding can weather the elements, lasting for many years. Wether the need arrises to do some gilding on elements of your (Victorian) house or bigger jobs need to be executed as we did for the Chinese Methodist Church in ChinaTown, our team of specialists will provide the skills to make your project stand out for many years to come.


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