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If you find yourself walking along San Francisco’s Sacramento Street, on the block between Lyon Street and Presidio Avenue, your eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the gold frames in the windows of Aedicule Fine Framemaking and Bespoke Gilding.

aedicule burnishing frame.jpg

Werkhoven recounts a 2005 visit to Las Vegas, where he toured Steve Wynn’s Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.  There, he discovered a Rembrandt that was in a frame that they had made in Amsterdam. “Next to it,” Werkhoven recalls, “was a Vermeer that was in the wrong frame from a French period.” He offered to make Wynn a replacement frame appropriate to the era of the painting, noting, “If he liked it, then he could buy it. If not, there would be no charge.” Wynn bought the frame.

Special thanks to Sally Fay, Russel Yip, and Suzanne Tucker.